Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It isn't very often that you can say you are your OWN #inspiration... 
Makes sense though, right? 
I mean NO ONE can relate better to your struggles than YOU. 

But in this case, I look at this photo and see so much MORE. I look at the changes that I was able to make and the physical results are sooo obvious! But there are things in this pic that I SEE that maybe no one else can see....

Here is what this picture DOES NOT show....

The BEFORE pic doesn't show the pain and embarrassment I felt.
It doesn't show the sadness and tears in my eyes when I looked at myself in the mirror. It doesn't show the DENIAL that I was in for so long. It doesn't show the low level of confidence that I thought I had, and although I am an outgoing person, I was okay with HIDING behind the walls of my home, and when I HAD to go out, I had a hard time finding anything that I was comfortable in. Which in turn made me a not-so-outgoing person. I still LOVED myself and knew that my appearance didn't determine my self-worth, but it was hard to portray that to others because I was so uncomfortable.

What the AFTER pic doesn't show is the crazy amount of energy that I gained through this process. It doesn't show the EXCITEMENT I felt just knowing that I was making a difference, not only in my life, but in the lives of others that were leaning on me for strength and encouragement. It doesn't show the enormous boost in self confidence. I was beginning to ENJOY shopping and I actually got to a point where I would see a picture of myself and not automatically hit DELETE! (please tell me I am not the only one who does this...lol). But what I LOVED most of all is that I had FOUND HOPE! HOPE for a better life. HOPE for something GREATER. HOPE for making a difference in the world and HOPE for being a part of something that was BIGGER than myself!!!


Here is the problem.... I got COMFORTABLE and stopped setting goals for myself. I stopped improving myself, and while trying to continue to help others, I was losing my own strength. I lost HOPE for myself. It seemed by giving it away, I was diminishing my own light, and not working on myself to replenish the positivity and hope that I was giving away. I lost my strength and gained a lot of the weight back. Yes, that is what happens when you stop working out and stop eating healthy. I am sorry to say, but THIS MUST BE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. There is no easy way, which in the end, makes it even MORE REWARDING!!!!

Now that I have found what to do, as well as what NOT to do, I have realized that I can do this again! I KNOW without doubt because of this picture. I see it and KNOW that it IS possible!!!
Because I have ALREADY DONE IT!!!! And I am#DETERMINED to help even MORE people this time!!! I have renamed this movement "#MOVEMENT OF HOPE" because I want to share the HOPE that is life-changing! You can change your life and change the lives of others along the way, and there is nothing, really nothing that can compare to that feeling of#HOPE"


These gifts are truly #PRICELESS 

Need #HELP? Believe me, I have likely been there and would LOVE to help you!



Thank you so much! It is a continuous journey of ups and downs, but the most important thing is we keep working to improve and learn :)

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