Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I must admit that I have always felt like I HAVE to see RESULTS within a month (even if very slight results) to keep me motivated! I think for most everyone, it is difficult to continue to do something that you don't enjoy UNLESS you are able to SEE a result of your efforts! Am I right?

I now have this GRANDER PURPOSE for working out. No, it's not because I really enjoy actually working out (how do you think I became obese in the first place?) but it is because I have SEEN and FELT the difference I can make not only in my life, but in the lives of others. I MUST do it to show others what is possible, and to fulfill my greater purpose and passion which is spreading HOPE!!! I found that it drives me to know that others are looking to me for support and guidance. To be a person of influence, I HAVE to BE AN EXAMPLE! 

I wasn't fulfilling any purpose just moping around, feeling sorry for myself, eating lots and gaining weight. That was not helping anyone.

I now KNOW without a doubt that I CAN be a person of influence and I CAN make a difference in my own life AND in others' lives! AND THAT is enough to keep me motivated! When you find something that you LOVE and that you are passionate about, you don't need to search for motivation. It jus
t comes NATURALLY! To learn to motivate yourself, you just have to search deep within yourself to find what it is that DRIVES YOU!

Now to COMBAT that self-doubt that creeps in! every. single. day...

#youareworthit #MOVEMENTofHOPE #cherishyourself


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