Thursday, September 25, 2014

Inspire others while becoming your best self!

{Beachbody Coaching}

Becoming a Beachbody coach is a very important decision,
and when taken seriously, it can change your life!

It has changed mine in countless ways.

AND YES, it IS a legit business opportunity!

Not as a salesperson, but as a service-giver, friend, helper,
enabler of dreams, listener, problem-solver, mentor, health
advocate, goal-seeker, and much much more!

I became a coach initially to get the discount on Shakeology, the healthiest most nutrient-dense
super food shake. I began losing weight and feeling the best I had felt in YEARS! This new-found
excitement for life and personal progress was exciting and so it came natural to share with others
what I was doing to improve my health and my life. 

People needed my help. They saw my progress and wanted
little ol' me to help them get results of their own. As I continued
to share my desire to be healthy and fit, others came to me as
they were ready to start their own journey, and because I was a
Beachbody coach, I had the tools to help them reach their goals.
It became obvious that the more I improved my own life, the more
I was able to guide others. EVERYONE WINS!

I want you to understand that as you improve your own life, you inspire
others whether you are aware of it or not. The ripple effect that you have
on others would likely surprise you! And what better motivation than to know that the more people you help,
the better your business becomes! You can flourish in so many ways, and your income will grow alongside
the impact that you have on the lives of others. You choose how much effort you want to put into helping
others and you can make anywhere from a part-time to a full-time income. 
All while working from home--or anywhere you choose.

When I signed up, I actually had no clue what the potential for income was. I never thought that I could
possibly become CEO of my own business and make enough money to actually make a significant
difference in my family's income. I was wrong.

I learned that the more I committed to helping others, the more my
income was growing. I was becoming a leader and learning new
things to improve my skills and mindset. My attitude toward life was
changing for the better and I realized I had DREAMS for my life that
I had almost given up on. Dreams that seemed almost impossible
before were coming TRUE! Matching my husband's full-time income and
Beachbody even paid for our family vacation to Walt Disney World,
and another cruise vacation for my husband and I! Best "business trip" ever! 

I am humbled to know that just because I decided to take action on improving my own life, I can now SHARE 
what I LOVE, and HELP OTHERS change their lives physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially,
I am able to be at home with my 3 children while making a significant income. 

The best part? It's continues to GROW. The potential is limitless and my efforts are duplicated as
I help more people. Another BONUS? Beachbody GIVES us customers! Yes, those people that see an INSANITY,
P90X, Body Beast, PiYO, 21 day FIX (etc...) infomercials and order online, are given free coaches to help them.
I actually have over 500 customer leads from Beachbody, and I get commissions when they order a
Beachbody product!

Yes, it has taken time to grow, effort to improve myself physically and mentally, and persistence in striving
for small measurable goals, but being able to do something I am PROUD of and that I LOVE and am
PASSIONATE about each day, on my own schedule and in the
comfort of my OWN HOME.....It's indescribable and priceless.

The excitement grows each time we have a new coach join our
team! There is something so powerful about seeing others take
the initiative to get their life and health on the right track and commit
to improving themselves each day, and then paying it forward to
inspire and help others.

If this sounds like something 
that you would like to talk 
more about, feel free to leave 
your contact info below in 
the application and we can 
schedule a time to talk. 

Fill out the application below to be considered for my upcoming coach training

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!


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