Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What is the 21 day FIX?

What is the 21 day FIX?
The 21 day fix is unique because it simplifies the nutrition plan with color coded portion-control containers and 30-minute workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home! 
It is something that ANYONE can do and there is no weighing food or counting calories, carbs, or points

Since it is known that the majority of results come from NUTRITION, people are seeing results with this program faster than ever! Although the name suggests it may be a "quick fix", it is not that. Learning from what this program teaches and applying it to a healthy lifestyle, it can and WILL actually become a long-term lifestyle change!

This home program will teach you: 
What to eat
How to portion your meals and get enough of each food group each day
How to simplify healthy eating
How to incorporate a short, yet effective workout into your daily schedule
How to stick with a short-term program for lasting results! 
It even comes with its own color-coded containers and easy to follow guide so you can stick with your proper portions and not under eat or over eat.
The variety guided workouts on DVD that are easy to follow and only 30 minutes long! There is also a workout calendar that tells you what workouts to do each day, so it is a SIMPLE plan that when followed, you will get results and FEEL a difference in just 3 weeks!!
How does it work?
• The Eating Plan shows you how to use the portion-control containers
• Simply put your choice of food in the color-coded container—if it fits, you can eat it!
• Do one 30-minute workout per day according to the Fitness Guide
• Follow the simple plan, and you can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days
What's included?
• 7 color-coded portion-control containers
• Shakeology® shaker cup
• 6 easy-to-follow 30-minute workouts
• 21 Day Fix Start Here quickstart guide and workout calendar
• 21 Day Fix Eating Plan that shows you exactly what to do
• 3 Day Quick Fix Guide, Autumn's secret weapon for fast weight loss
• Dirty 30 bonus workout
• Exclusive! FREE bonus workout—Plyo Fix (a $19.95 value)—when you order through me

AND when you order the challenge PACK, you get a 30-serving bag of Shakeology that will make meal planning even easier because you can replace one meal a day with
this super food nutrition shake!
When bought together in the pack, you save over $50 compared to purchasing them separately!
ORDER the pack HERE

or click HERE to order just the program (DVD/nutrition guide and color coded set of containers)

Here is a local friend of mine that stuck with this program for 6 months and hit his 100 pounds weight loss mark!!!! How exciting is THAT?!?!?!

21 days is a short term goal and easier to stick with to create those lasting habits that will lead to lifelong health! You can do as many rounds as you want to get the results you need!

You can order this program with or without the nutrition supplement Shakeology.
That is for you to decide, but I KNOW that Shakeology has helped me tremendously with satisfying cravings, having more energy and mental clarity, refueling my body so I am not as sore after a workout, and so much more!

When purchasing the PACK that includes the program AND a month of SHAKEOLOGY, you save over $70 than if you were to purchase these items separately!

What is Shakeology?

I am starting a 21 day online accountability group via facebook and would LOVE to have you join me! We will start on the first Monday of each month!!! 
Message me for details! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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