Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shopping list for the 21 Day Fix

Shopping List for the 21 Day Fix

You should always go to the grocery store with a list of foods to buy – otherwise, you will find yourself in aisles you don’t belong, looking at foods you don't need, and then spending more than planned! (sound familiar?)
Having a PLAN and will make a HUGE difference and it really is the best way to stay on track with healthy eating and save money!
For the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan, you should be thriving on whole foods. This means the majority of your grocery shopping will be done around the outer perimeter of the grocery store, which is always where all the good stuff is displayed.
I use this grocery list for the 21 Day Fix by printing it out and making a note in the margins of how many servings of each container I needed for the week. Check off each item as you add them the cart.

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