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Through time, I have found that the only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves.

Live life by DESIGN... not by default.

I have found my purpose and passion! That is continuously learning and then showing others how to become the best versions of themselves.!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Change your life with Beachbody Coaching

Maybe you know my story with Beachbody and how my life has been dramatically changed in the past few years... Maybe you don't...

This is for anyone who isn't familiar with the struggles and triumphs I have encountered, or for those that know a little and are wanting to SEE a glimpse of the AMAZING things that have come into my life since discovering Team Beachbody and the coaching opportunity.

I have always been shy. I never liked to be center of attention (still don't) and I was determined my life would end "fat and happy". I was content being obese. I had my family and a few close friends and that was all that mattered.

I admit I felt a heavy cloud over me. Mixed with the heaviness from my own body weight, I had NO energy, NO confidence, and NO goals in life.

Then I stumbled upon a free local workout group and felt peace as I embarked on this unknown adventure of exercising and healthy eating. I KNEW that if I was going to lose weight and feel better about myself, it was going to be the healthy way. Good ol' working out and proper nutrition.

Well... within 10 months I had lost over 70 pounds, I was coaching others and helping them get results with at-home workout programs, and guiding them through my own experiences with proper nutrition. No, I am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist, I just share my own experiences and let the professional trainers take care of the details. I do what I am good at, which is supporting and loving others through their own personal triumphs and trials. My husand also started working out with me and he lost 30 pounds with P90X and INSANITY!

I hardly ever brought up the money-making side of it because that was just not what I was in it for. But it was a bonus and sure helps A LOT with the bills! I was afraid to mention it before, but since have realized HOW much it has helped me, and I KNOW that it can help SO many others as well, so I feel it is an important part to helping others SEE how their dreams can become reality with this! When I began making as much as part time from home as a hobby as my husband was making full time at his daily job, it really started to sink in that THIS is seriously something I would LOVE to do for the rest of my life!!! It doesn't feel like work when you love it so much!!!

Since I started coaching, so many things have improved in my life! Beachbody has connected me with thousands of others throughout the country! The friendships I have been able to build are PRICELESS!!! I have gained confidence that I never knew I had, and I now have found I am passionate about speaking in large groups of others and giving them HOPE for something greater in life!! We have been on an all-expense paid family dream vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida (this is HUGE for an average Idaho Family! Plus my kids STILL talk about their excitement from it!). My husband and I went on an all-expense paid cruise through the Western Carribbean, and we have been to Vegas Beachbody Summit 2 times already! All paid for by Beachbody earnings! Heading out to my 3rd Summit tomorrow!

We have a luxury family car that is paid with Beachbody earnings, and our TWO bags of Shakeology each month are also covered! The healthiest meal of the day and we get it for free! Plus we have a savings account for backup!

These are just a few of the tangible benefits that we have recieved since committing to bettering our own lives. By improving our health, we were able to serve others as they do the same, which in turn helped us better our situation while others were seeing financial benefits of their own! Everyone wins! And I realize now that when you share your dreams and work to make them become reality, it actually inspires more people than not!

Are you ready to start setting goals for yourself and SEE them become reality in your own life? Through improving your own health by working out at home, YOU can then naturally pay it forward and help others do the same. When you are ready, I can help! I have now discovered that this is my true passion in life. And it is still not about the money, but more about the FREEDOM and DREAMS that the money can bring you! What would you do with an extra $2,000 a month? $2,000 a week? Would that change your life? Don't limit yourself to that. Dream big and those dreams will motivate you to get started! I am here when you are ready!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Watermelon fries

Who would have thought cutting up watermelon into 
fry-size strips would make my children eat 
TWICE as much watermelon with HALF the mess?

If you have kids, try it and let me know what you think!

It is pretty fun to eat this way!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Do you have a VISION for your life?

A few years ago I was obese with no goals for my life.

I was content with being "average" and blending in with the masses. 
I didn't ever do anything extraordinary or go out of my way to serve others. 
In fact, I rarely left the house because I just didn't have the energy 
or confidence to do much. 
We lived paycheck to paycheck, struggled with money and finances, yet I thought I was happy and healthy because money and looks didn't really matter much in life anyway, right? I had healthy blood pressure and didn't suffer with anxiety or depression, 
so I was doing good.... 
or so I thought.

So if I was doing "good" then why did I feel so bad? Why was I full of disappointment every morning when I got dressed? Why did I hate looking in the mirror and feel very uncomfortable with myself in public. My self esteem was low and that affected every aspect of my life. Yet, I didn't realize it. I used the idea that "I am just shy" to explain my discomfort around others. 

My dreams were diminishing and I was making excuses for my lack of effort. 
It was easier to do nothing, so that's what I did.
Well, needless to say, doing nothing got me, well, nowhere....

I began a weightloss journey in July 2011 and within 10 months I lost over 70 pounds, I had set and achieved goals, I was crushing my workouts and feeling MORE ALIVE THAN EVER!!! It was exciting and I was motivated by my goals and dreams!

I admit, however that toward the end of 2013, I lost sight of my goals and became overwhelmed. Due to lack of continuing my own personal progression and development, I lost belief and I actually threw away my dream board from 2012. 

It was a sad time, and is still sad when I think about how much momentum I LOST by letting my fear and excuses take over.

Then I was reintroduced to the idea of letting my dreams back into my life in 2014!
I had FOUND my excitement and passion again!!! 
Do you know what the bridge between having NO motivation 
and taking ACTION to becoming unstoppable? 
I found that with that passion and bigger purpose, I began to set goals and create that vision again for what I wanted to achieve. Those goals were BIG enough to DRIVE me into action!!! 

Why was I SUPER motivated in 2012, but lost that in 2013 and gained weight back?

And how did I go from doing NOTHING with NO DRIVE or excitement, to once again finding my passion and motivation and knowing now how to make it a lifestyle change....? 

I NOW KNOW that it is.... VISION!!!

MY DREAMS are coming alive again! 
Last year I had convinced myself that I wasn't meant to be great. It took a LOT of excuses to make me believe that my dreams meant nothing. After all, it was my purpose in life, right? To NOT focus on making myself better. (sense my sarcasm).  

I have spent much time contemplating on what I want most in life. I created MY dream board and vision for what drives me. Everyone has different dreams. What drives me may not drive you. That's OKAY and GREAT! YOU have goals specific to your passion and purpose. My job is to help you find that!Once you find your dream and purpose, you tie it to actions that you can take today. Then simple every day choices become easy. You simply ask yourself, "Does this get me closer of further away from my ultimate 
vision I want for my life?"

Think about it... Most people don't fail because they WANT to fail. They fail because they don't know how to succeed. They don't know where they are headed, so they just wander around making choices "in the NOW" and don't consider the consequences. 
People want to succeed. They have just forgotten how to dream. 
They have hit "survival mode" and are barely holding their head above water.
Dreams and visions give them a platform of FRESH air! 
Anything is possible with HOPE.

These dreams on my dream board here SCARE ME, but I know that I have belief and passion that surpass my fears. 

Thank you for letting me share them with you and learn and grow with you!

A video from me "WHAT IS A DREAM ANYWAY?"

I would love to hear what you think. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your dreams with me and with others. 

Never stop dreaming. 

We NEED more dreamers in this world! A dreamer is a DOER! There are enough people on the sidelines! What we need are people who are willing to work to make a DIFFERENCE and get in the GAME! Are you waiting for permission to pursue your dreams? Well HERE IT IS!!! Go after them and Don't stop til they become reality!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Overcome with REGRET!

The last few weeks I have been overcome with REGRET. This feeling has brought me to tears many times because I can't help but think of how selfish I was to give up on so many great things that were going for me. In turn, this led to me seemingly giving up on my family, my team of coaches that were looking to me as their leader, and countless other followers that I had gained the trust of. 

Having lost over 70 pounds was no easy task. It was difficult to work every day to improve myself and to gain self control and self discipline. But the rewards were WORTH it all! I felt FREAKIN' AMAZING! My energy and drive was through the roof, and I was on track for greatness!!!! I seriously can't help but smile when I think of the way I felt and the excitement that surrounded my thoughts and actions! All that hard work was paying off and I was even matching my husband's full time income just by helping others become better!

But you know, come to think of it, gaining back 50 pounds was really no easy task either. I mean it was easy because I didn't have to do ANYTHING. I could eat what I want, when I wanted, and not have to exercise. EVER. I could spend my time doing whatever I wanted and not have to measure up to anyone else. But mentally, it was an even MORE DIFFICULT struggle. It was indescribably difficult. I had to literally spend hours hours a week convincing myself that I wasn't meant for greatness. It took much time and effort to focus on why I DIDN'T NEED to do it, instead of spending half as much time focusing on why I actually could. It was so difficult to look in the mirror and tell myself that it was okay to not "look great". After all, life isn't about "looking great" is it? But what about "FEELING GREAT"? Doesn't that matter? I tell you what, over a period of several months and not a day went by that I didn't think about Beachbody. The disappointment was overwhelming then, and the regret NOW is even greater!

I was going to quit Beachbody coaching, but God had other plans. Unexpectedly, my heart was opened back up the the possibilities and dreams I once had. I was overwhelmed with excitement and passion that I hadn't felt in so long. I was reminded of the LOVE I had for improving myself and helping others along the way. I remembered how I was becoming a better person and I was SEEING my dreams come true!!! I let it slip away, but thankfully it isn't too late to get back on track. It's not about the money, but about FREEDOM!!!!

Although REGRET has surely made its way into my heart and mind, I am thankful that I have had this experience. I now KNOW without a shadow of doubt, that THIS is part of my journey! I HAVE to go through this so that I can help others through it later on. This heartbreaking experience is only making me stronger. And so for that, I am thankful. I have to move past this regret and begin my journey back to feeling EMPOWERED, ENTHUSIASTIC, and DRIVEN. It has been revealed that we are ALL meant to do great things in this life! By being an example to others and serving them, I AM FULFILLING A GREATER PURPOSE IN LIFE! I am a CONQUEROR and a LEADER and I CAN and WILL make a difference! Not only in my life, but in the lives of thousands of others! Cheers to FAILING FORWARD! 

I am working this week to overcome this regret that has seemed to swallow me up. Instead of focusing on the past, I am putting this out there to RELEASE it and so I can move on to BIGGER DREAMS and helping others! Thanks for following me on this journey!

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