Monday, June 9, 2014

Do you have a VISION for your life?

A few years ago I was obese with no goals for my life.

I was content with being "average" and blending in with the masses. 
I didn't ever do anything extraordinary or go out of my way to serve others. 
In fact, I rarely left the house because I just didn't have the energy 
or confidence to do much. 
We lived paycheck to paycheck, struggled with money and finances, yet I thought I was happy and healthy because money and looks didn't really matter much in life anyway, right? I had healthy blood pressure and didn't suffer with anxiety or depression, 
so I was doing good.... 
or so I thought.

So if I was doing "good" then why did I feel so bad? Why was I full of disappointment every morning when I got dressed? Why did I hate looking in the mirror and feel very uncomfortable with myself in public. My self esteem was low and that affected every aspect of my life. Yet, I didn't realize it. I used the idea that "I am just shy" to explain my discomfort around others. 

My dreams were diminishing and I was making excuses for my lack of effort. 
It was easier to do nothing, so that's what I did.
Well, needless to say, doing nothing got me, well, nowhere....

I began a weightloss journey in July 2011 and within 10 months I lost over 70 pounds, I had set and achieved goals, I was crushing my workouts and feeling MORE ALIVE THAN EVER!!! It was exciting and I was motivated by my goals and dreams!

I admit, however that toward the end of 2013, I lost sight of my goals and became overwhelmed. Due to lack of continuing my own personal progression and development, I lost belief and I actually threw away my dream board from 2012. 

It was a sad time, and is still sad when I think about how much momentum I LOST by letting my fear and excuses take over.

Then I was reintroduced to the idea of letting my dreams back into my life in 2014!
I had FOUND my excitement and passion again!!! 
Do you know what the bridge between having NO motivation 
and taking ACTION to becoming unstoppable? 
I found that with that passion and bigger purpose, I began to set goals and create that vision again for what I wanted to achieve. Those goals were BIG enough to DRIVE me into action!!! 

Why was I SUPER motivated in 2012, but lost that in 2013 and gained weight back?

And how did I go from doing NOTHING with NO DRIVE or excitement, to once again finding my passion and motivation and knowing now how to make it a lifestyle change....? 

I NOW KNOW that it is.... VISION!!!

MY DREAMS are coming alive again! 
Last year I had convinced myself that I wasn't meant to be great. It took a LOT of excuses to make me believe that my dreams meant nothing. After all, it was my purpose in life, right? To NOT focus on making myself better. (sense my sarcasm).  

I have spent much time contemplating on what I want most in life. I created MY dream board and vision for what drives me. Everyone has different dreams. What drives me may not drive you. That's OKAY and GREAT! YOU have goals specific to your passion and purpose. My job is to help you find that!Once you find your dream and purpose, you tie it to actions that you can take today. Then simple every day choices become easy. You simply ask yourself, "Does this get me closer of further away from my ultimate 
vision I want for my life?"

Think about it... Most people don't fail because they WANT to fail. They fail because they don't know how to succeed. They don't know where they are headed, so they just wander around making choices "in the NOW" and don't consider the consequences. 
People want to succeed. They have just forgotten how to dream. 
They have hit "survival mode" and are barely holding their head above water.
Dreams and visions give them a platform of FRESH air! 
Anything is possible with HOPE.

These dreams on my dream board here SCARE ME, but I know that I have belief and passion that surpass my fears. 

Thank you for letting me share them with you and learn and grow with you!

A video from me "WHAT IS A DREAM ANYWAY?"

I would love to hear what you think. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your dreams with me and with others. 

Never stop dreaming. 

We NEED more dreamers in this world! A dreamer is a DOER! There are enough people on the sidelines! What we need are people who are willing to work to make a DIFFERENCE and get in the GAME! Are you waiting for permission to pursue your dreams? Well HERE IT IS!!! Go after them and Don't stop til they become reality!


This is amazing Cherish. Thanks for sharing your vision with me.

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