Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Change your life with Beachbody Coaching

Maybe you know my story with Beachbody and how my life has been dramatically changed in the past few years... Maybe you don't...

This is for anyone who isn't familiar with the struggles and triumphs I have encountered, or for those that know a little and are wanting to SEE a glimpse of the AMAZING things that have come into my life since discovering Team Beachbody and the coaching opportunity.

I have always been shy. I never liked to be center of attention (still don't) and I was determined my life would end "fat and happy". I was content being obese. I had my family and a few close friends and that was all that mattered.

I admit I felt a heavy cloud over me. Mixed with the heaviness from my own body weight, I had NO energy, NO confidence, and NO goals in life.

Then I stumbled upon a free local workout group and felt peace as I embarked on this unknown adventure of exercising and healthy eating. I KNEW that if I was going to lose weight and feel better about myself, it was going to be the healthy way. Good ol' working out and proper nutrition.

Well... within 10 months I had lost over 70 pounds, I was coaching others and helping them get results with at-home workout programs, and guiding them through my own experiences with proper nutrition. No, I am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist, I just share my own experiences and let the professional trainers take care of the details. I do what I am good at, which is supporting and loving others through their own personal triumphs and trials. My husand also started working out with me and he lost 30 pounds with P90X and INSANITY!

I hardly ever brought up the money-making side of it because that was just not what I was in it for. But it was a bonus and sure helps A LOT with the bills! I was afraid to mention it before, but since have realized HOW much it has helped me, and I KNOW that it can help SO many others as well, so I feel it is an important part to helping others SEE how their dreams can become reality with this! When I began making as much as part time from home as a hobby as my husband was making full time at his daily job, it really started to sink in that THIS is seriously something I would LOVE to do for the rest of my life!!! It doesn't feel like work when you love it so much!!!

Since I started coaching, so many things have improved in my life! Beachbody has connected me with thousands of others throughout the country! The friendships I have been able to build are PRICELESS!!! I have gained confidence that I never knew I had, and I now have found I am passionate about speaking in large groups of others and giving them HOPE for something greater in life!! We have been on an all-expense paid family dream vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida (this is HUGE for an average Idaho Family! Plus my kids STILL talk about their excitement from it!). My husband and I went on an all-expense paid cruise through the Western Carribbean, and we have been to Vegas Beachbody Summit 2 times already! All paid for by Beachbody earnings! Heading out to my 3rd Summit tomorrow!

We have a luxury family car that is paid with Beachbody earnings, and our TWO bags of Shakeology each month are also covered! The healthiest meal of the day and we get it for free! Plus we have a savings account for backup!

These are just a few of the tangible benefits that we have recieved since committing to bettering our own lives. By improving our health, we were able to serve others as they do the same, which in turn helped us better our situation while others were seeing financial benefits of their own! Everyone wins! And I realize now that when you share your dreams and work to make them become reality, it actually inspires more people than not!

Are you ready to start setting goals for yourself and SEE them become reality in your own life? Through improving your own health by working out at home, YOU can then naturally pay it forward and help others do the same. When you are ready, I can help! I have now discovered that this is my true passion in life. And it is still not about the money, but more about the FREEDOM and DREAMS that the money can bring you! What would you do with an extra $2,000 a month? $2,000 a week? Would that change your life? Don't limit yourself to that. Dream big and those dreams will motivate you to get started! I am here when you are ready!


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