Sunday, April 6, 2014

Negative Mindset and Stress WEIGH YOU DOWN--- LITERALLY!

Negative Mindset and Stress WEIGH YOU DOWN--- LITERALLY!

I have noticed that this is so true!
It is so much harder to lose weight when you have a doubtful mindset and choose to focus on negative parts of life that are simply out of your control.

It is like a spiral downward... You want to be happier and lose weight, but find it difficult to put in ALL THAT WORK, or even worse, you put in all that work without seeing the results quick enough, so you begin to doubt yourself, which in turn causes your body to hold onto that stress and anxiety, therefore making it even more difficult to lose the weight. 
You then become MORE stressed out, and find yourself speaking even more negative thoughts to yourself, which in turn attracts negative into your life... 
weighing you down mentally and physically. 

Mentally, as in the burden of your stress and worry is overwhelming at times. 
Physically, as in you will not only have a hard time losing weight, but you may actually find yourself gaining weight...

Maybe this downward spiral sounds familiar to you? I may not be aware of your personal situation, but I am aware of my personal experiences, and that pretty much describes some tough times that I have been through.

BUT, I have also experienced the opposite spiral! The one where you want to lose weight, choose to be happy and focus on all the things that are going right in your life. Where you create positive affirmations for yourself that you speak aloud to yourself daily, which in turn brings a sense of peace and positive energy into your mind, freeing you from worry and stress, and lightening that mental burden. This sense of enlightenment increases your desire and drive to improve and you begin to lose weight and see positive changes in your life. 
The spiral continues upward and you begin to create bigger goals for yourself. 
Your energy is through the roof! 
You see your potential is greater than you ever thought possible and you set higher expectations and feel AMAZING as you see yourself accomplishing what you once only dreamed about! Dreams begin to become reality and you realize that not only are you changing your own life, but your positive energy and newly-found purpose and drive 
is spilling out into the lives of others. 
They begin to see hope for themselves and then reach out to thank YOU for inspiring them!

Yes, both scenarios are VERY real.  I have lived them both, and I have seen others live them. The truth is, your reality is based on the choices you make. 
But also, you ATTRACT into your life what you ARE. 
If you are negative and living a life of regret and hopelessness, then that is what kind of people and experiences that you will find coming into your life. 
But on the other hand, if you are driven to improve, striving for progress, setting your mood to a happy, positive beat every morning, THAT is the kind of people and experiences you will attract into your life. It literally begins with a conscious choice... EVERYDAY.
I would love to hear your experiences with either scenario. 
Please share and tell me what you have learned. 



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