Saturday, April 5, 2014

DEEP in thought... me being a little more than transparent

The Last few months I have been reflecting on a LOT. Trying to recall my journey throughout the last couple of years. I know that I once had some regret, and still do regret not keeping a record of my emotional struggles and successes through my 70+ pound weight loss journey. Especially now that I feel like I am almost starting over.

I was once obese and through nutrition and exercise I was able to lose a significant amount of weight. Easier said than done, right? 

I can easily recall the way I FELT after losing weight. I can remember the abundance of energy, the escalated self confidence, the joy of getting dressed and liking the way my clothes were fitting! It was so exciting and is still fresh in my mind!

But I wasn't done! I still had more to lose! It is well known that weight loss really doesn't have a finish line, because once you lose the weight, you must then CONTINUE the healthy lifestyle to MAINTAIN that weight. Well, I still had weight to lose! 

So why did I stop after coming so dang far? I still ask myself that question...
But I have learned so much going through these struggles, that I KNOW that it HAD to happen for me to overcome my self-doubts and increase BELIEF in myself and my potential. Mindset is huge in any life transformation. To pursue and progress forward you must personally grow. I recognize that it was my lack of personal development that kept me from progressing. How can I help others if I don't first help myself?

But is it too late to restart? 

Absolutely not.

It is NEVER too late to learn. It is never to late to improve. It is NEVER EVER too late to change direction and course. 

Well, of course unless you are dead, but even then I believe there is HOPE! ;)

TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS (or those who once followed me, and no longer do because I'm a slacker), I am SO SORRY!!!!! I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. 

Here is ONE (of the MANY) things I have learned in the past several months:

"Choices you make everyday, although seemingly insignificant at the time, ultimately determine where you end up. Do your daily choices align with where you want to be?

It is this very reason that when wondering WHY you are where you are, the answer is so very clear... take a look in the mirror and you will see who is responsible." -Cherish

So here is my confession: It is ALL my fault... For gaining weight, for losing support, for losing belief in myself, for losing traction on my momentum, for losing sight of my goals... It is ALL my fault and NO ONE else's. 
Why have I been so quick to throw the blame on other people? Maybe because it was easier than taking responsibility of my own actions and fessing up to my mistakes and lack of action. (and yes, I overate, and lacked self control when it came to food, and that is ALL MY FAULT as well!)


Guess what? I have something that I think about EVERY DAY, that I have been trying to give up on, but I just can't seem to imagine my life without it! And as much as it changed my life previously, I can't imagine not sharing it with others since I KNOW it can change their life as well!

It is something that taught me countless things about myself!!! It helped me believe in things that I thought were once impossible, it taught me how to take control of my life and make positive changes, it taught me that I was capable of inspiring others and making a difference in this world, it taught me to expect more from myself, it taught me that everyday choices are what will determine where we end up in a year from now, ten years from now... I have learned SO much from being a Beachbody Coach! I learned so much about myself and my limitless potential. I have learned to BELIEVE in myself and also to help others BELIEVE in themselves! It is SO empowering to know without a shadow of a doubt, that YOU are destined for great things! And it is also SUPER empowering to know that when great things don't happen, there is no one else to blame but yourself. (by the way, I am swallowing A LOT of pride when I say all this)... don't judge! lol! But seriously, I can't in good faith, keep something so life-changing, to myself. Yes, it's about working out and getting healthy, but more importantly, I FOUND purpose and PASSION in helping others see what was possible for them in their own life.

My point is, nothing is final until we are dead, and even then, there is still HOPE! 

I want to throw this out there that I HAVEN'T GIVEN UP! I have faced some road blocks and hit my head on a few brick walls, but I am still alive and therefore, I still have to look at myself in the mirror each day. And I cannot look at myself in the mirror with adoration until I fulfill my calling in life which is to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others! That means being a positive influence and it starts with ME! 

The next question is, are you with me? Because it won't be easy if I'm on my own. I look forward to building more relationships and being that source of hope and light for others that feel there isn't much hope or light out there. 

Much Love,


♥only shared experiences can help others. They do no good being kept hidden inside ♥

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