Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Find your PASSION and PURPOSE to keep you MOTIVATED

I think emotional baggage weighs at least 5 pounds because THAT is what I have lost this week! SO much burden has been lifted because I have SHARED it!!! Not that others have to carry it when I give it to them, but they help me release it and we are equally served in the process!!!

Since my change in mindset in the past couple weeks, I have been receiving AMAZING messages thanking me for being a light and inspiration. Honestly, it LIGHTS me even MORE to KNOW without a doubt that I have the power within to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

I just got this message this morning from a new friend---> She writes, "I wanted to take a minute to really thank you.  It was last Tuesday that you emailed me about working with me and after reading your blog, I recommitted to myself and realized I was worth fighting for and even though weight loss is so hard, I'm worth working that hard for.  Your pure raw truth inspires me and the very next morning after receiving your email I weighed myself (which I had not done for a long time) and my truth was...I had attained 230 lbs.  Tomorrow it will be one week since that weigh in but I cheated and weighed myself this morning and I am down 3.4 pounds.  I truly started to cry.  This is the beginning of my journey and I am not going to make excuses anymore.  Either on one of your facebook or blog comments stated the same thing...that we are to blame for the way we are and we are the ones that can fix it.    Anyway, I just wanted to say think you and I am (for the first time) excited about the hard work I will have to put into this journey and the outcome I will receive from it."

I BAWLED. Like you know the ugly cry that comes when least expected? I immediately thanked The Lord for allowing this HOPE and PASSION back into my life. I LIVE to serve others. It is what drives me to become better myself.

Do you want to know what CHANGED in me, and how I could go from just last month as one who had given up most hope and had convinced myself that I was okay with being "average", to now, just a few short weeks later KNOWING, and I mean KNOWING WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that I can do hard things with the Lord as my strength, and not only working out daily, but realizing my PURPOSE to this whole "healthy lifestyle". (which, I might add is NOT something I am all that passionate about.) Watch this video I made this morning and I will explain what it was that I really discovered about myself and how I can help others stay motivated!!!!


This is awesome Cherish :) It made me think about the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks which for me has been about asking these kinds of questions so I can understand what really drives me to do things and also what kinds of things I do to sabotage my success and progress in any of my life goals. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

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