Thursday, April 10, 2014

Consider your blessings

I don't think there is anything more powerful in the world than having a grateful heart. think being grateful means you take advantage of your blessings, no matter how small. You are able to look around and acknowledge all the blessings and simply live in AWE and AMAZMENT of what you have been given.

Many people spend their life wishing for more, while forgetting to recognize what they already have.

Your life alone is a blessing, so if you are reading this, realize that you have at least three things to be grateful for! Yourself and your brain and your ability to read!

Count your blessings every day! Awaken with a grateful heart. Express your gratitude through prayer and positive affirmations!

Before you lay in bed at night, take time to thoughtfully and wholeheartedly release your gratitude. Exhude that joy that your blessings bring you. What you focus on EXPANDS! Focus on your blessings, and you will find yourself receiving even MORE of them!!!!


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