Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CHOICES to be made--OPPORTUNITIES before you every day

Do you know WHAT you want out of life?
Take a moment to stop and think about the expectations you have set for yourself. 
You get up in the morning.... What time? What is planned for the first hour of your day?
Whatever time it is and whatever it is you do, you do it because you CHOOSE to. 

Now take a moment to stop and think about this: Where are your actions leading you?
Do you have BIG plans for yourself? For your life? For your future?
Do you have any plans at all or are you just taking life day by day waiting and wondering when something great is going to come along?

Well guess what? Great things come along EVERY day!!! You can choose to seek out these things and take advantage of these opportunities, or let them pass you by. 
Opportunities like these: 
to better yourself 
to learn a new skill 
to serve other people 
to help someone in need 
to accomplish a task and feel a sense of pride in what you have done 
to reach out and make someone feel loved 
to set and reach a goal 
to DREAM bigger and create a sense of excitement and vigor for life and all the wonderful things around that God has given us! 
There is so much potential for you to do great things and make a difference!!! 
The opportunities are endless!  

Imagine living a life where you are full of energy and excitement every single day! Imagine a life where you can spend your days with ones you LOVE spending time with. Imagine living a positive life and leaving a legacy of love and service. A life that is committed to making a lasting impact on every life you touch. (Well, okay, maybe not EVERY life, because there will always be naysayers.) Imagine living a life that you are proud of. Full of lessons and accomplishments that you can carry with you without regret. A life that others can admire. 

You BECOME the person that people LOVE to be around. 
You are well respected because of your determination and dedication to your core values of loving, serving, and giving to others. Now THAT is a LIFE well spent and worth living! Does it require money to live a life full of love and service? No. Love and service are free. And it was THIS very thought that led me to believe that I don't need to set financial goals. Who freaking cares about money, the kind of car you drive, the kind of home you live in, what brand of clothes you are wearing? None of that matters if you live a life full of love and have a giving heart. I mean, Mother Teresa did amazing things in her life and was well known for her generosity, she gave all she had and then some. But can you imagine the difference she could have made if she had more financial resources?  

Imagine having the freedom to love and give freely, without any worry of the cost or finances involved? It's not about the money in life, but rather WHAT the money can do for the lives around you. 

What does money have to do with living life? We want so badly to create a life of FREEDOM and endless service, then we are brought back to the reality of our current situation and all of the requirements to "make" a living these days. WORK. Most everything you have is the result of work and time spent. Most day jobs are spent exchanging time for money. If you want money, you must put in the time. Some love their day job, and others not so much. What a stressful life to be stuck in a job spending hours every day working for someone else who possibly doesn't appreciate you, leaving you to feel like you are doing them a favor by being there, all for a paycheck that goes to pay everyday bills just to be alive (just so you can get up the next morning and go BACK to work).   

Do people with hourly wage jobs spend their days thinking or worrying about how to create wealth so maybe one day they don' have to think or worry about money and the struggle of paying those bills? I hope they think about money because THAT is the reason they go to work... right? Do you think people would actually go to work if they weren't getting paid? I am sure there are many more things that they would rather be doing than sitting at a job where other people are in charge of them, bossing them around, telling them when they have to be there, when they can go on break, and when they can leave. All while making the employee feel that they are doing them a favor for employing them. "At least you have a job".... right? Isn't that what we hear so much these days? Stress is known to diminish health, and financial burden is known to cause stress, so living this stressful life can be detrimental to your health.

What if you were your OWN BOSS and worked a job from home that actually created FINANCIAL FREEDOM... we are talking about creating a life where you don't have to worry about money. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?

I think the truth is most people cannot imagine it because they have lost HOPE. 

Can you even imagine how it would feel if your electricity bill is unexpectedly higher this month, and you can pay that without stress? Imagine your child gets sick and you can be supportive at their side without having to think about how much the cost will be? Imagine enjoying the home of your dreams, without worry of the bank foreclosing on it.  Imagine being able to take your family on a memorable vacation every year without having to stress about pinching every single penny through the entire year to make that happen.

That is the ultimate freedom!! 

Through personal development, you can come to realize that YOU are SO deserving and capable of living that kind of life!

But what is financial freedom if you don't have the health and vitality to get out and LIVE?! Health is something that people take for granted. I heard from someone that the majority of people strive for success during their life and put their health on the back burner, and by the time they realize they have done so, they must work the second part of their life to regain their health in order to enjoy the people and success that they have created through the years. 

Most of us have lived a life that is not so picture perfect so far, and that's okay! 

YOUR LIFE is YOUR story and part of YOUR journey! You have learned lessons that were specific to you and your needs. Don't ever be ashamed of your past or YOUR story! Embrace your struggles and LEARN from them. Then draw a line and DECIDE that where you once were, and where you are now is NOT where you will end up! Make positive daily changes that lead you to becoming the person you want to be! It's never too late to learn how to set and reach goals.

I have personally experienced what it feels like to match my husband's full time income by working part time from home. My job consisted of helping other people see their potential and set goals for themselves. I personally lost over 70 pounds with exercise from home and proper nutrition, so I was not only was changing my life and bettering my health, I was setting a good example for my family and friends, AND I was able to reach out to and inspire countless others online. I am not a fitness or nutrition expert, but I just shared my experiences and helped them see what was possible for them. It was honestly SO fulfilling, and I finally felt like I had direction and purpose! I was surrounding myself with people that wanted to become better, which in turn kept me motivated to better myself!!!! I was able to take my family on an all-expense paid "business" trip to Walt Disney World in Florida last year, and my husband and I just got back from an all-expense paid Caribbean Cruise "business trip". All while continuing to get paid WHILE on vacation! DREAM JOB! right? I would be lying if I said that the money was not a motivator to me lose weight and better my health. The company actually gives away cash prizes for losing weight! $500 daily, $1000 monthly, $5000 quarterly, and  $100,000 annually. Lose weight, gain confidence and energy, become stronger physically-spiritually-mentally, and inspire others to do the same... AND EARN MONEY DOING SO?!?!?!

Yes, I worked part time from home and my growing income was matching his pay from his full time job.* That job where he is told what time to be there, what to do, how to do it, whether or not he can have time off, how much he "deserves" to be paid, whether or not he gets a raise, the usual J-O-B. I mean, yes we are so grateful for that job that has continued to pay our bills, and he works hard, and has over 10 years perfect attendance (yes, he has not been late OR had an unscheduled missed day in TEN years). I am proud of him for that and admire his dedication!!! 
Since it seemed I didn't have that same dedication...

I made excuses for myself and self-sabotaged my success with self-doubts and reasoning that I wasn't "meant" to have money (like those excuses I made above). I refused to be "in it for the money" although it was because of the money that I was able to do many of the extra things I was doing. I was changing lives physically and emotionally, but I was afraid to talk about the opportunity to help change others' lives with the financial opportunity because I didn't want to sound money-hungry or selfish. BUT instead, I realize I was being selfish by NOT sharing it!!!

I made excuses about me not being "deserving" and I stopped my personal progression. I stopped my workouts and I stopped reading personal development. Therefore, it escalated my feelings of not feeling "deserving" of being a role model to others. I started to withdraw, and stopped helping people. I stopped posting inspirational thoughts because I wasn't feeding my mind with inspiration. All these things were part of me being a coach, so when I stopped doing these things, my business stopped growing as well. I tell you this because it has become part of my story and I have learned SO much from my experiences (what to do and what NOT to do), so now I am more prepared than EVER to help anyone that I mentor from here on out!

Here is the kicker: Although I stopped working, I still continued to get paid. YES, my income went down a bit, but for not working the business at all for months, $400-$600 a month was still helping our household. (IMAGINE what an extra $400-$600 a month could do for your household). That residual income had come from the time and effort I had put in the year before. It came from others in my organization that were continuing to help others, and also from customer leads I had gotten from the company (they gave me free customer leads, and still continue to give me customer leads that come from their well-known infomercials that are on television DAILY). Money or no money, I am coming back into this because I came to the realization that my life was NOT as fulfilling as it had been when I was building new relationships with others and serving the Lord by being a light and inspiration to those around me. I tell you, I got COUNTLESS messages from people telling me how they looked up to me and were just thanking me for being so uplifting and strong. I humbly accepted those compliments, sometimes with too much humility, feeling that I was undeserving of so much praise. I think I got scared of the responsibility of having so many people look up to me. So I backed away. My bad... But I have learned so much that I want to freely share! A bit of what I learned I share in ANOTHER BLOG POST.

The worst is knowing the financial potential, knowing how there are countless people out there that it could help, and not sharing it. No, money is not everything in life, but the peace it can bring and the burdens it can lift, are something to take SERIOUS and worth working toward!!! You have to make a living somehow. Why not do it by spending time and effort helping and serving others WHILE continuing your personal growth. SERVICE is the PATHWAY to real true Significance in this life! I have come to realize how much of a positive impact I was making on others when improving my own life. Help others see that it is possible to DREAM BIGGER and want more for yourself and your family. There is nothing selfish about wanting to be free from financial burdens. The struggles I have been dealt have taught me so much! Once I started letting go of blame, hard feelings, jealousy, uncontrollable circumstances, and self-doubt, I began to BELIEVE that this is truly a BLESSING in my life in countless ways!

NOW I AM BACK and more committed than EVER to help as many people as I can!!!

I feel compelled to share my story so that others may see that there IS HOPE!!!

Nine-to-Five jobs these days will not create financial freedom. It's a sad truth. You work your entire life for an hourly wage and expect your retirement to be paid for. Unless you are doing some serious investing, there is no guarantee. And even then, IS IT ENOUGH? We need money to survive, right? Why not make money doing something that is about helping others reach THEIR goals. The more you help others reach their goals, the more you are financially rewarded. My struggles have taught me lessons, and NOW I am sharing the struggles, unlike I did before! THIS time I am more prepared!!!

I have BIG plans for my future and my family! I know that through improving my knowledge and skills, I can better serve those around me. I have total BELIEF that this will change my life as well as thousands of lives around me! My team is getting stronger and we are banding together to make an even bigger impact! There is NO limit to the amount of people we can reach out to! Obesity is a growing problem and we have the tools to help those that feel stuck! I WILL pay off my mortgage so my husband can have that stress lifted off his back! The less stress we have, the healthier we will be and the MORE we can accomplish!!

If you are ready to learn more about an opportunity that can change your life: 
physically (improve your health, have more energy to LIVE life, lose weight, learn how to exercise at home with well-known home workouts like INSANITY, P90X, Body Beast, Beachbody Ultimate Reset, 21 Day Fix, and MANY more and learn to eat healthy)
mentally (gain more confidence and belief in yourself through personal development, set and conquer goals, create lasting habits that will inspire others, learn to focus on the POSITIVE things in life and let go of negativity, embrace your past experiences)
spiritually (Give gratitude to God for blessings and the amazing people and opportunities that will be brought into your life, see yourself as God sees you--Limitless and FULL of potential and WORTHY of every success and experience that is placed before you)
financially (create financial freedom and the ability to WORK from home on your own terms, see that there is literally NO limit to what you can earn and DECIDE how much of it you want and set your own hours accordingly, start by working part-time to create a strong business foundation which will allow you to surpass your current hourly wages, Low start-up fee and no inventory required--Shipping hassles, lifetime warranties of discs, and customer services are provided for you!)*

ONCE YOU BEGIN TO POSITIVELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE, IT IS SO EASY AN YOU WILL  NATURALLY WANT TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS! Once you get others involved in changing THEIR life, that is when the magic happens!!! You begin to experience what it FEELS like to have a positive influence on others! And if you have already had success with a Beachbody workout program, you have likely already noticed yourself talking about it with others when you start seeing results! PEOPLE WATCH YOU and are naturally drawn to others who are succeeding in any area of life! I know this business and have been through all the fine print and details, and feel I have much power and knowledge to share.  But it is not so much about the details as it is about TAKING ACTION and deciding to make a positive CHANGE and propel your life and purpose of serving others. How do we help people?

~Ask me about my good friends just from my own small TOWN on our team!!! One has lost over 90 pounds in 15 months and MANY others have lost over 50 pounds! Another friend paid off his $180K mortgage in one year, and earned one of the top spots in the company and quit his full-time job and now makes over $16,000 a week!* Or another friend of mine that went from bankrupt to now changing many lives and earning over $5,000 a week!* Yes it determines what effort you put into it! The income is NOT about the money, but what the money can BRING into one's life and the lives of others! Imagine the freedom, excitement, vitality and SO much more that I and so many others are experiencing.  


I will recommend that you start with improving your health first by trying one of our home workout programs. You will see that once you start getting results, it becomes easy to share your experience with others. They will see a positive change in you and often times ASK YOU what they can do to improve their own life. No, it is not about the "sell" or getting another "customer" but more about focusing on the needs of others and offering them a SOLUTION--- in which we have!!!!
We have support groups to help you along your journey of improving physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. 

If this is something that you are wondering about, something that sounds intriguing, or maybe something that you are considering and have questions for me, contact me and I will answer any questions you have. 
email me at:

Until then, God bless!!!!

*Income Disclaimer: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence and skill. See our statement of Independent Coach Earnings located on the Coaches Corner on for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes. The Statement of Independent Coach Earnings can be found at


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