Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Here's what I am: I am a wife and a work-at-home mom. I have 3 young children and LOVE the ups and downs of being a mom. The best rewards are the hugs and kisses and random "I love you's" that make it all worth it! I am a craft-lover, do-it-yourselfer, reader, and writer. I love music and singing. I consider myself to be spiritual, but not nearly as spiritual as I know I should be. I am frugal (yes, that means I am cheap and will go out of my way to save money!) 

I have been through a lot in life. I have struggled through obesity, and then learned how to overcome it. I know what it feels like to lose over 70 pounds in one year and how doing so made me FEEL completely EMPOWERED! I love helping people and am constantly striving to improve myself. I am an introvert that has found many friends all over the country that I associate with through the internet. I like to shop online, and when I find something worth sharing, I share it! I love a good deal and I love to help others get good deals! I would never recommend something I wouldn't buy myself. I consider myself a good, loyal, trustworthy friend. I most often times put others before myself. I believe in the importance of quality over quantity. I struggle. Although I once lost over 70 pounds and know what it feels like to be in good shape and feel overflowing confidence, I have also felt the opposite side of that, gained over 70 pounds and felt aimless, stuck, unmotivated and powerless to make the changes that I know I needed to make.

Here's what I am not: (Disclaimer) I am not a nutritionist. I am not a certified dietitian. I am not a fitness expert, nor do I pretend to be. I am not perfect, and I don't expect others to be either. I don't scam people, I don't lie, cheat or steal. I don't get offended TOO easily, and I appreciate constructive criticism. I don't know everything (nor do I pretend to know everything). I am not loud, and I would rather be the listener than the talker. I don't like to be the center of attention, but know that if I have something worth sharing, it is worth getting uncomfortable.  

I am writing this blog to share my thoughts and lessons on life and my personal experiences. I am also hoping to find others that connect with me, my learning experiences, my struggles and strengths, my faults and weaknesses, and more. I am very appreciative to those that see me as someone to look up to. I am no different than you. We are all on this earth to help one another. I assume we are on a mission to love and be loved. To dream, inspire and make a differece. We are all in this together, so let's band together and strive for PROGRESS, not perfection!


Great start to your blog, Cherish!! I am looking forward to more entries :)

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