Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Think about something in your life that you continually wish were different...  Have something (or MANY things) in mindYeah, me too.... and here's the thing I have learned: Positive change takes THOUGHT. Positive change takes EFFORT. Positive change takes TIME. Positive change takes a change of MIND.That means:1st) You must REALIZE that something needs to change. This decision can come from an awareness that may have suddenly crossed your mind or through an event that occurred that made you realize a change needs to be made. 2nd) You DECIDE that the change is necessary. Whether it be for health, for comfort, for peace-of-mind, for spiritual well-being, or for whatever reason you have determined.3rd) Think about WHY you want the change. Seriously, envision the outcome that will result if you were to make the change happen. This reason needs to be something BIG enough to drive you through the challenge. Dig down to the emotion of what this change could mean to you, your life, your health, your loved ones, your finances, whatever the issue is. WHAT DIFFERENCE WILL IT MAKE?4th) Choose to take ACTION! It will work best if you have a PLAN of action. A plan is like a map that will direct you which way to go so you aren't wandering around aimlessly. 5th) Don't LET yourself get overwhelmed. Yes, I think being overwhelmed is a choice. If you find yourself overwhelmed, it's okay. Just go back to step one and rethink why you started and what it will mean. Rethink your plan of action and take smaller steps that will help you achieve your goal. Change is never easy. It is meant to be challenging, because when it challenges you, you LEARN more and prove to yourself that you are capable of doing challenging things! I'd appreciate any feedback you have about this process! Here's to your HAPPINESS and a LIFE that you LOVE!


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