Thursday, March 3, 2016

Juicing Journey

I found a juicer for an awesome price, and therefore, started my adventure with juicing!

I had mixed feelings about it because of some of the things I have heard. ("Don't drink your calories", "You need fiber along with the fruit or all you are getting is sugar"...etc). I looked into benefits and experiences that others have had, and it was clear to me that the benefits greatly outweighed the cons. Yes, it takes A LOT of veggies and fruits to make one glass of juice, but that is the greatest benefit of all! Think of ALL THOSE NUTRIENTS and raw enzymes!

A couple weeks ago I decided I had had enough of the back-and-forth of watching what I eat, and then not caring and eating whatever I wanted. There was no balance or goals. I have been in survival mode for quite some time now, and I just wasn't focused on any specific health goal or mindset.

I changed my mind because I was sick of feeling tired and run down all the time. I was sick of how my clothes fit me and how I never felt my best. The juicer came just in time! As I was trying to figure out the best way to utilize my juicer for health benefits, I read up on what works, reasons for doing it, and also then discovered others doing juice fasts. During a juice fast, you drink only FRESH juiced vegetable and fruit juice and water for an extended period of time. Some people do days, some do weeks, some do months. This has many purposes, such as giving your digestive system a rest so your body can focus on healing itself from the inside. Our bodies are AMAZING! They can perform miracles if you allow them!

For quite some time, I have felt that my body is full of many toxins (from years of bad habits and living) and unwanted visitors (parasites after a trip to Mexico, for example). I have done a couple 'cleanses' in the past, but I am not one to go for fad diets that promise fast results and rapid weight loss. Those don't really interest me if they aren't sustainable. I know I can lose weight making necessary lifestyle changes, because I have done it before and prefer exercise and diet as means to lose weight.

So what made me decide to do a juice fast? It is mainly for the healing and detoxing purposes. I know that even when I lost 70 pounds, my legs were still full of cellulite, a place where many toxins and fat cells can hide out. I was not able to get rid of that with just exercise and proper diet. I needed a cleanse that works down to a cellular level. When doing a juice fast, your digestive system gets a much needed break and your body is still getting the nutrients and enzymes it needs. While your digestive system is resting, your body is able to concentrate its energy on healing and eliminating built up toxins.

Some of the stories I have read about the experiences of others and how they were able to heal, get off medications, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce goiters, and so many other miracles that our bodies are capable of! I also know that I want to eliminate my bad cravings and get to a point where I eat at least 80% RAW. I just need a bridge to gap where I am now and where I want to be. I am not saying a juice fast is something everyone should do, but I did discover that this is what I need to regain control of my eating habits, and after the extended fast, I know it will be easier to continue enjoying more healthy foods and significantly less amounts of sugar and junk foods.
Today, I am on day 4 of my juicing journey and I can say I have felt some effects of the detoxing, (which is why I took a rejuvenating bath soak using these bath salts), and I have strong willpower to get through this and I have goals to become the healthiest I have been in decades! Gotta start somewhere, and for me, this is my jump start to health and healing!


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