Monday, July 21, 2014

Giver of HOPE

My team and I are givers of HOPE!

Hope is something that so many seem to have lost  

Having FOUND it in my life, I feel it is something I cannot keep to myself! 

It has changed my outlook on life and has given me #strength through the trials and struggles that I have to go through.

When I was younger, I discovered God and was taught faith that reassured me that there was HOPE for something greater. I knew I had purpose and every struggle was for a reason. I was strong emotionally and spiritually, yet hope was not great when it came to making a living and creating financial freedom for my family.

Growing up, we struggled financially. My mom did well with the little means we did have, but I was taught how to be frugal and not waste. because we did not have much to waste.

I never saw the #potential within me to be financially free or make a great income. I had the mindset that money is a worldly thing and we don't need it to be happy.

I now have a family of my own, a husband that works very hard away from the home, and we were still struggling to make ends meet. He was spending half his days away from his family all for this worldly thing called "money" so we could just survive. The chains and shackles that our "jobs" have on us are anything but freeing. Living paycheck to paycheck is not fun. And is usually the reason that people lose HOPE.

I have experienced the fact that surviving is different than #LIVING.

I have found HOPE that we can be financially free and the way to receive these financial blessings is to #HELP MORE PEOPLE! Help them become physically fit and healthy, mentally and emotionally strong, all while gaining a stronger belief in the spiritual hope that I have experienced. Balancing these aspects will lead them to financial freedom that will allow them to LIVE live and get out of "survival mode".

If you are ready to step out of survival mode and LIVE with freedom in all aspects of life, I want you to message me! Ask me what it will take and how I can help you!

Spread hope and join us in the #MovementofHOPE

Become a giver of #hope and a receiver of endless #blessings 


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