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Friday, February 19, 2016

Homemade rejuvenating bath soak

 This simple yet effective bath soak recipe is easy to make at home and very cost friendly. 

I use a pint size canning jar to store mine. Once you have the jar, lid, Epsom Salt and essential oils of your choice, you can begin!

I start with filling the jar half full of Epsom salt. I choose 3-5 relaxing oils to add (pictured is lavender, peppermint, clary sage, and melaleuca). If you have an aromatherapy blend, that would work great! Just add a few drops of each oil into the Epsom salt. 

Fill the remainder of the jar and add a few more drops of each oil on top. Secure lid and shake well to mix. 

For my weekly soak, I fill the bathtub and add about 1/2 cup of this relaxing Epsom salt mixture and I enjoy soaking in the tub for 20-30 minutes. Epsom salt is great for detoxing, rejuvinating and helping sore muscles! 
Here are some reasons to use it year round!
I love that Epsom salt is very reasonably priced (less than $4 for this large container) and is easy to find at many stores! Or you can get it online and have it delivered right to your door! 

Enjoy this recipe and make your weekly rejuvinating bath soak a priority.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Setting goals may be intimidating. 

I think the main reason people don't set personal goals more consistently is because of the effort and dedication it takes to achieve them.

Perhaps they also fear failure. If that is the case, they are not alone To begin, choose a day of the week (preferably Sunday) to reflect on the previous week and set goals for the week to come!

It took me a lot of practice and persistence to learn how to set measurable goals, keep track of them and eventually reach them. But the key here is BELIEF AND CONSISTENCY. If the goal is reasonable and attainable, we CAN reach it! 
It's not a matter of IF, but rather WHEN.

When setting a goal, be sure to follow these guidelines to help ensure your success!

SPECIFIC: The goal must be specific! Saying "I want to drink more water" or "I plan to workout more" is way too broad and is hard to keep track of. Get specific with the details.

MEASURABLE: Numbers help with measuring a goal. Set a certain amount to your goal and make sure you can easily track it. Instead of, "I want to drink more water" say "I will drink 80 ounces of water every day." Once you reach that number, you will know you have reached your goal!

ATTAINABLE: Your goal must be possible or you will will get discouraged when you are unable to reach it. Having a broad long term goal is okay, as long as you have small attainable short term goals to back it up and keep you on track. Saying you want to lose 50 pounds is good, but you need small, attainable milestones to get you to that ultimate goal.

REALISTIC: Your goal must make sense and be realistic. If you set your goals too high or are hoping for something that isn't really possible, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

TIME-BOUND: Set a DEADLINE! When you have a reasonable deadline for yourself, you are more likely to stay on track and push yourself harder. Goals are great, but even the most specific goals are put on the back burner when you don't have a set end date.

REMEMBER: The only reason you don't reach a SMART goal is because you choose not to. 
It's not because you can't do it, it's because you didn't do it. 
There is a HUGE difference. And it starts with MINDSET!

Make the CHOICE to make the changes you know you need to have in your life. 
ONLY YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOALS. No one else can do it for you!

I wish you the best in setting and reaching goals. I find the best thing for keeping track of my goals and determining if they are specific enough, is to write out a chart and check each item off as it is done. 

I'd love to know what works for you and what awesome goals you have set for yourself!
Feel free to comment or message me your goals and I will help hold you accountable to those!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Of the many things I have overcome, this may just be the greatest struggle yet.

I feel like I have gone through ultimate highs and ultimate lows, but I have to remind myself that no matter what, I must never give up!

I understand that we each have core beliefs and values that navigate our choices and actions throughout the course of our own lives. Each of us is unique, and our personal experiences and life lessons are just as unique. We all have our own story, our own personal beliefs, hopes and dreams, struggles and oppositions. And we all have our own unique way of dealing with these things.

As much as I think I may have enjoyed a psychology course or two, I have never actually taken one. However, I still tend to analyze and over-analyze my thoughts and actions and attempt to find reasoning behind my core beliefs and reasons for the way I am today. Soft-hearted and a little stubborn, I will admit that. Which has led me to the fact that I care a little too much, yet when people don't show sincere interest in me, I unapologeticly back away and close myself up. Which in turn, I believe, makes it hard to gain close friends that I can fully trust.

I can surely attest that life is easier when you have less people to please. I have learned that when people expect less of you, you have less to worry about! However, I can also attest that without those expectations placed upon yourself, you definitely accomplish LESS and feel less important and needed. And what is life and it's purpose if you don't feel needed and accomplished? It's depressing!

Having experienced both sides, I can say that having and setting goals and accomplishing more, all while having more people look up to you and expect more from you, definitely FEELS better and results in a more fulfilling life!

So that brings me to my change in direction, in which I need accountability from others that are willing to listen and care and I return the favor as well! I once lost a significant amount of weight, felt amazing, yet bad experiences with people shut me down and somewhat made me rebel against the healthy lifestyle I adapted. I have gained back the weight and feel STUCK! I have felt aimless and felt that I had lost my purpose and reason to get back on track. Mainly because I am back at my old mindset which says, "I don't care what I look like. If people don't like me when I am fat, that is THEIR problem." But the truth is, I don't feel so good. I feel fatigued, unhealthy, lazy, careless, no drive or motivation to even make needed changes. But I know with support and love from others, I can once again relearn to set and reach goals, remember what it feels like to be physically healthy, feel accomplished and driven, and at the end of the day feel SATISFIED and HAPPY with the choices I am making daily.

The thing that drives me is RELATIONSHIPS! People that truly care! Knowing that the choices I am making is not only affecting myself, but also people around me. Having others AND myself set higher expectations of me helps drive me to do better every day, Frankly, when others don't seem to care, I don't care. But I am ready to change that attitude and put more effort into proving not only what I am capable of, but helping others realize their own God-given potential.

With these thoughts in mind, listen to and enjoy the song in this video.

WITH GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Are you ready to set and reach goals together and prove to yourself that you are capable than more than you ever thought possible?

5 things that people in multi-level marketing companies have in common

1. They are SURE that they offer thee very "best product on the market". If they didn't believe it was the best, they would not have signed up with that company.

2. They have created a "vision board". Dreaming big is a HUGE incentive in joining and building a multi-level marketing business. What are dreams if there is no potential monetary gain to back it up?

3. They make "friends" in hopes of adding the new acquaintances to their "contact list". To grow a network marketing business, you have to FIND new people and INVITE new people. Every. Single. Day. They must recruit faster than people quit, or they have no business growth.

4. They make the most money when they "recruit" people to join them in their business venture. They mentor those that are willing to join them, whether it be to build a business or just join for the "discount" that all companies offer their promoters. The sponsor benefits either way.

5. Their business is built upon the expectation of people using their products long-term. This is why they benefit most from recruiting others to promote along with them, because promoters themselves are more dedicated to the products and more loyal to that specific company.

"You owning your own company means you are a small part of a bigger company that you don't own." LOL!! NAILED IT, JP Sears!!!!

Why Direct Sales is not for me

It started out good in 2011. 
I told myself that I wasn't in it for the money, but to recruit people into a business, it HAS to become just that. To get people to join with you, and commit to something long term, it has to be worth it to them. To get them to spend money on products long term, it has to benefit them financially. Income potential and big dreams are the key to getting people to stick around with direct sales.

The people that mentored me in multi-level marketing admitted to starting because of the enticing thoughts of the income potential. Yet they constantly told me that if I was in it for the money, I would not be successful and people would see that and not think I was sincere. So I was constantly in this torn mental state of being expected to build a business, set goals to reach a certain rank or income, continuously recruit people, hit certain benchmarks, and yet on the other hand just wanting to enjoy being a part of it, help and serve others without expecting anything in return, and not worry about specific business goals or meeting certain requirements monthly. 

I remember being taught to keep a contact list and every day add 2 new people to list and remove 2 people from the list. The people that were removed were to be the ones that were not interested in the service and product I had to offer. We were to be promoting our services, and for those that said they weren't interested, they were to be removed from our contact list. Needless to say, I could never get into a list, nor could I get myself to remove people. People were more to me than just a name on a list.

I also found that being a business-building coach was when I did the most "body-shaming" of not only myself, but others around me. I found myself becoming judgmental and careless. I went from being sincere and empathetic of people and their struggles, to being hard-hearted, annoyed and irritable with others that wanted what I had but weren't willing to put in the work. SO instead of helping them, I did as I was taught in network marketing, and I disregarded them. I was taught that to succeed in business, you can only work with the willing. I was taught that you cannot spend your time on people that are unwilling to put in the work. I was taught that for others to earn your time, they must prove that they are serious by either spending money on the product you are offering, or joining your team and putting in the work to prove they want to build their own business alongside you. I also felt that I had to reach certain expectations to prove myself to those that were mentoring me. In order for them to take interest in me, I HAD to reach certain ranks and business goals. If I didn't, I wasn't worth their time. This did, in time, prove to be true.

It seems the only way to 'fit' in is to recruit others to be on your team and in doing that it takes focusing on money and sales and teaching others to focus on money and sales (all in the name of dreaming big, because what are big dreams without the potential of big money?). Oh, and you want to go on those 'paid' vacations and team retreats with all your new-found 'friends'? You have to be sure and reach certain ranks and benchmarks, or you may just be left behind!!! (Don't forget, your upline has personal goals to reach too, ya know!)

After years of being in this business and being torn between what I wanted to be and what others had convinced me that I needed to be, I finally stopped. I stopped with the business goal setting and the promoting of products. I was finally at peace knowing that I could more easily do what I wanted to do, and that I could more freely build real relationships without the expectation of them to somehow 'prove themselves' worthy of my time. My fear of my mentors abandoning me if I didn't continue to meet certain benchmarks definitely came true. Many stopped talking to me. It seemed that if I wasn't with them, I was against them, and I felt I lost all support. Without support, I gained weight back.

It would take me quite a while to get over this realization that those that I once considered friends were really just business acquaintances and I was nothing more than that to them. My shame and sadness turned into bitterness and working out and the healthy lifestyle that I was living had become a negative experience for me, which in turn, resulted in weight gain and a negative attitude. It felt as though I stopped and gained weight back in rebellion to those that had abandoned me during that hard time. What used to be positive and uplifting to me, then became anger and frustration. I knew there was no one else to blame but myself, but it didn't lessen the pain I felt (or the weight that I had gained back!).

I have finally softened my heart to know that just because my experience with people and a health coaching business was negative, it doesn't mean that my life, thoughts and own person journey to health has to have that same negative outcome. I have let go of bitterness and am finally learning to move forward and focus on the positive once again. I have many people that still care about me, although I am no longer reaching those business benchmarks that successful coaches are reaching. These people have proven to be my true friends and had been there all along. I didn't cancel my coach account, I just stopped building it. I enjoy getting the discount as a coach, and having the option to help others with the products if they come to me and ask about it, but I no longer push the business side of it on others.

I love that this has been a great learning experience for me, and I am still continuing to learn almost 5 years later. But the most important lesson I take away from it is this; Direct sales is NOT for me.

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