Monday, January 20, 2014

Cut out the chatter of social media...

Lately, I have had MANY things on my mind about different ways to improve the quality of life for my family. There are countless things I KNOW I can do differently. Some easy to change, some not so easy...

I was thinking once again about our FAMILY PRIORITIES, which are GOD and FAMILY.

Then I realized that God, or my immediate family (husband and children), aren't really even on facebook, or social media, so WHY the heck am I spending so much time there????

This quote really hits home so I had to share:

In attempt to cut out the chatter, I tried to omit facebook from my day, and it was A LOT harder than I thought it would be. WHY???? I'm still unsure why it is such a tempting distraction. 
But I do know this, it is a true addiction that weighs heavily on my mind. I find myself less-productive because of it. I find myself interacting less with my family when I am on it. 
I check it throughout the day because I "feel like I might miss something", but how IRONIC is it that when I spend time checking it, I am MISSING the most important thing in my life... my family and precious time that can never be regained. When checking facebook, I am not 100% focused on the tasks that I once listed as a priority in my life. 

Because of this realization, I have decided to take drastic measures and CUT OUT FACEBOOK! I will limit myself to ONE HOUR per week to check messages and any important updates. To cut out temptation, I must delete the facebook app from my phone. 

Now, please note that I am NOT saying this to prove anything to anyone but myself and my family. I am not saying everyone should do this, I am just sharing WHY I must do this for myself. 

Social media has connected me with countless others that have inspired me, uplifted me, made me smile, let me know I am not alone in the struggle of motherhood and housekeeping, and it gives me a sense of relaxation when I take a break to "check" my news feed. But it seriously has become a problem, and I feel I must do this before my children get any older and before any more time is wasted. 

I am also making it a goal to get my home in complete order so that I can finally feel at peace within the walls of my own home. I want that same thing for my children, and MUST teach them not just with words, but with ACTIONS/

The things I want for my family are;
LOVE for one another at all times.
RESPECT for one another and each other's property.
QUALITY TIME spent together to be meaningful and memorable. 
ORGANIZATION in our home to avoid confusion and stress.
HAPPY memories and traditions being made.
TRUST between one another so we feel comfortable sharing secrets.
TEACHING moments in our home. (parents are the child's first teachers).
FAMILY HOME EVENING at least once a week.
Daily SCRIPTURE STUDY to learn the words of God.
NO BULLYING within the home, so children learn confidence and self-respect.
MANNERS among everyone.
Individual RESPONSIBILITIES to teach follow-through with tasks. 

Let me know if Facebook can help with ANY of these family goals ;)


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