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My journey started because I wanted to be healthy and live longer.

Now, it is more about LIVING!!!.


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Through time, I have found that the only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves.

Live life by DESIGN... not by default.

I have found my purpose and passion! That is continuously learning and then showing others how to become the best versions of themselves.!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Giver of HOPE

My team and I are givers of HOPE!

Hope is something that so many seem to have lost  

Having FOUND it in my life, I feel it is something I cannot keep to myself! 

It has changed my outlook on life and has given me #strength through the trials and struggles that I have to go through.

When I was younger, I discovered God and was taught faith that reassured me that there was HOPE for something greater. I knew I had purpose and every struggle was for a reason. I was strong emotionally and spiritually, yet hope was not great when it came to making a living and creating financial freedom for my family.

Growing up, we struggled financially. My mom did well with the little means we did have, but I was taught how to be frugal and not waste. because we did not have much to waste.

I never saw the #potential within me to be financially free or make a great income. I had the mindset that money is a worldly thing and we don't need it to be happy.

I now have a family of my own, a husband that works very hard away from the home, and we were still struggling to make ends meet. He was spending half his days away from his family all for this worldly thing called "money" so we could just survive. The chains and shackles that our "jobs" have on us are anything but freeing. Living paycheck to paycheck is not fun. And is usually the reason that people lose HOPE.

I have experienced the fact that surviving is different than #LIVING.

I have found HOPE that we can be financially free and the way to receive these financial blessings is to #HELP MORE PEOPLE! Help them become physically fit and healthy, mentally and emotionally strong, all while gaining a stronger belief in the spiritual hope that I have experienced. Balancing these aspects will lead them to financial freedom that will allow them to LIVE live and get out of "survival mode".

If you are ready to step out of survival mode and LIVE with freedom in all aspects of life, I want you to message me! Ask me what it will take and how I can help you!

Spread hope and join us in the #MovementofHOPE

Become a giver of #hope and a receiver of endless #blessings 

Monday, July 7, 2014

So yesterday I posted a picture on Instagram about #Christ and I lost 4 followers within just a couple hours. This got me thinking......

I could try to be "of the world" and try to please everyone by not sharing my beliefs or opinions, and just post what I think others WANT to hear, OR I could just be ME, share what I believe, and those that don't agree are welcome to "unfollow" or block me... (Oh yeah, I have actually been blocked and "unfriended" a couple times this week as well....)

So having thought about this, I have chosen the latter... I am going to continue to be me  I am not going to let the difference in opinion get to me. Isn't it SO awesome that everyone is so UNIQUE!?!?!  We all have our own strengths and weaknesses! #CELEBRATE it!

Anyone that isn't with me, is not necessarily against me, they just are on another great path that suits them. And that's okay! #BlessandRelease

Speaking of sharing my beliefs, I have been prompted MANY times to share a video of mine publicly, but I have not yet because I have honestly been afraid of rejection or judgement. still learning....

You see just a few months ago, I was DONE with Beachbody Coaching and had convinced myself that I wasn't meant to do this. Although I had done some magnificent things with it and had reached many lofty goals, had helped many people and had countless looking up to me, it was just SO much easier just to stay in my comfort zone, worry about only myself, and do whatever I wanted when I wanted without guilt of others relying me or looking up to me for support and guidance. I chose the "easy way out" and it got me NO WHERE.

But what was it that brought me BACK to coaching? It was a SUPER STRONG answer from GOD through several different people and experiences in the first couple weeks of April 2014. It was so strong and undeniable that I felt that if I didn't change my ways, I was basically telling God that I wasn't up for the calling and that he needed to find someone else. Long story short, I am a faithful person and would NEVER deliberately turn down a calling from God, so back to work I went, improving myself, working on my own personal development and health (I have lost 20 pounds already), and serving others by being a friend and mentor to bridge their suffering and HOPE of something greater in life. I have been brought back to my passion and PURPOSE, and feel compelled to share the spiritual part of my journey thus far. I know this is only the beginning, and with God by my side, ANYTHING is #possible!!! 

Here is the video of me telling my experience that brought me back. If you get ANYTHING out of this, please feel free to comment or message me and let me know! If you feel someone could benefit from this, feel free to SHARE it with them. I am not ashamed of my choices. I am only learning from them, and can only hope that at least one other person can learn from them as well!  #GOD #BLESS!!! #heart #passion #believe


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