Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5 things that people in multi-level marketing companies have in common

1. They are SURE that they offer thee very "best product on the market". If they didn't believe it was the best, they would not have signed up with that company.

2. They have created a "vision board". Dreaming big is a HUGE incentive in joining and building a multi-level marketing business. What are dreams if there is no potential monetary gain to back it up?

3. They make "friends" in hopes of adding the new acquaintances to their "contact list". To grow a network marketing business, you have to FIND new people and INVITE new people. Every. Single. Day. They must recruit faster than people quit, or they have no business growth.

4. They make the most money when they "recruit" people to join them in their business venture. They mentor those that are willing to join them, whether it be to build a business or just join for the "discount" that all companies offer their promoters. The sponsor benefits either way.

5. Their business is built upon the expectation of people using their products long-term. This is why they benefit most from recruiting others to promote along with them, because promoters themselves are more dedicated to the products and more loyal to that specific company.

"You owning your own company means you are a small part of a bigger company that you don't own." LOL!! NAILED IT, JP Sears!!!!


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